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Other Projects


A small tear proved to be a bit more work than expected. After several attempts with three patches and two different adhesives, I found that the replacement patch needed to be at least two inches radius around the hole in order to get a good seal. The pool seemed to be the best testing ground.

IMG_0701 2.JPG

C's Prospector

I love a challenge! In this repair, I needed to steam a small piece of oak into the shape of the old gunwale piece that had deteriorated.


T's Seat

A cracked bow seat needed some attention. It could be fixed with a metal 'L' bracket placed along the edge of the crack or replace the seat. We replaced the seat.

IMG_0689 2.JPG

A's Gelcoat

This gorgeous 16' Trailhead Prospector had a few hairline cracks that needed attention before they became a bigger issue. Fixing this early with a gel coat repair will prevent more headaches later. 


A's H2O

A fall on the fence post put a hole through the kevlar of this H20 16-4 Prospector. The kevlar patch will make sure this will never be an issue again.


N's Thwart

Something that seems so simple can actually be more involved than one thinks. N's thwart from a 16' Swift Prospector provided the hanging base for the bow seat. More hardware to unscrew and get into place. Also, the gunwales did not give a lot of space for the new thwart and needed delicate drilling to ensure a good fit. Plan for 2 hours and expect to take 4!


C's Skid Plates

This beautiful 18' Wenonah needed skid plates and an aluminum yoke replaced with a wooden one.


J's Gunwale

An unfortunate fall was the cause of this break on the inside gunwale of this 16' Swift Kipawa. A further investigation of the bow end shows some rot on the nose that will also need some restoring. 

E's Hody

The Hody H2O is an outrigger canoe. I paddled past a group of these canoes in summer on the Rideau River never thinking that one day I would be working with them. But E contacted me to see if I could help with the winterization. 

Mr. G's Langford

I think this is a Langford Canoe based on the remnants of a logo on the bow deck. New decks had to be replaced along with gunwales. The hull is fiberglass over planks and painted red. Now it is time to sand out major bumps and give it a new epoxy coat.

D's Sawyer

The Sawyer was a fun project that was a lesson in deck repairs. It took several attempts to get the centerline perfect and since the original bow and stern caps were not present, I used the Swift Canoe as my inspiration to finish the ends of the canoe. 

R's Prospector

Like Mr. G's Langford, the decks of R's Prospector need to be replaced along with the gunwale ends. This beautiful kevlar Prospector also has a good 6" crack in the hull that will need a patch. 

C's Fiberglass

C's 16' Fiberglass canoe has been in the family for many years. The major repairs required include: replacement of the yoke, restoration of 4 fiberglass patches, and repainting  the exterior red.

S's Babiche Seat

After several attempts and two different types of rawhide, I think I finally got it! I ended up using a 5mm thick rawhide. And a shout out to Canoeguy's blog  for providing guidance.

C's Car Top

The cartop is a 13' cedar strip boat that has been in the family for a few generations.. My main concern was how I would manage the flat back. As it turns out, it was not as difficult as I thought. 


My first attempt on the left. I use a more narrow gauge rawhide to make a better weave. 

D's St. Maurice

This St. Maurice 15' fiberglass canoe was originally built with aluminum gunwales and decks. We removed those and replaced with Ash  gunwales and Black Walnut decks.

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