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Sandy and her B.C. Canoe


Not much is known about this canoe. It was purchased from a local resident in Cranbrook, B.C. in the early 2000s. It was brought to the Ottawa area in 2008 and used infrequently on the Rideau River. Over the years it hung in a back room and used as a decorative light fixture. There are no identifying features to indicate its origins or age.


I admit I am afraid of this canoe. Maybe overwhelmed is a better word. I don't even know if there is enough here to fix. So much water damage and neglect. Fortunately, there are no broken ribs and the planking is easily remedied. 


Sandy's Canoe is turning out to be more challenging than I thought. I have decided to replace the decks as the originals are damaged by water and need to be repaired. If I am going to do the decks, I might as well repair the stems, as soon as I cut the stems back, I see the ends of the ribs need replacing

But of course, as soon as you start on one component, there is another that needs repair first. And so it begins, the long journey

IMG_0585 2.HEIC

OK, I admit, this is the most frustrating part so far of this restoration. This stern deck and stem has taken a long time to get semi right. It's at this point I wanted to turn it into a shelving unit. 

Another Break.

Gain composure and think of another way to attach the stern stem to the deck. 

In the end, I re-fabricated a stem section and used screws to hold in place. I figured because this is the stern section the force exerted on it will be less then the front

Stem Dilemma.HEIC

I had to temporarily put this project on hold while I fulfil other obligations.

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